Monday, May 31, 2010


These are drawings i did for a story a friend of mine Alex-Gouin Fafard had called "Blue-Gold".Not sure what's going on with the story now, but i tried a different type of line quality with this one .My sister said it looked like a Stop smoking ad lol.Tell me what you think . Enjoy.


  1. When Are we going to finish/start this project?
    He's been a ghost lately. and yes it does look like a stop smoking ad lol

  2. love it! its about time you got a blog gyimah!! :)

  3. I'M BACK

    Sorry girls, I'll send you stuff today, to draw, do you have some character design done?

    And you math, did you work on backgrounds a little bit?

  4. Oh, and you already know how much I love that drawing