Monday, July 26, 2010


BLASTOFF!!! lol hanging out with my nephew Joseph he's about 2 years old ...thought of him while doing this one. Was hard to make it look like a car , cuz I don't draw cars , should prob start. Anyway if you haven't seen INCEPTION go see it I enjoyed it a lot ...expect some fan-art soon lol. Critiques are really appreciated .Enjoy.


  1. Hey thanks!
    You do great things too ;)
    Do you really speak french too or not?
    Anyway, thanks for your kind words!
    Vive Sheridan! I love what you do in that school!

    See u

  2. Aha thank you I really appreciate it ,Et oui je parle francais -J'etai dans une ecole francaise pendant un bon moment mais le francais des canadiens c po vraiment pareil tu voi lol
    VIVE gobelins! vous etes trop fort jte jure