Monday, October 18, 2010


Been a busy couple of weeks sorry for the lack of posts . Anyway , finished these today in between classes -An idea my little sister was talking to me about after seeing Rony Hotins posts (check the sidebar for his amazing art). I named the girl Colette cuz I daydreamed it being French and dark. Basically as the story goes on and she kills more and more people her hood/poncho gets stained with blood and she becomes known as "Red".Wolf is loosely based on my buddy Andre check out his stuff too!Critiques always welcome.Enjoy.


  1. oooo i like this, Colette is one of my favorite names, and i love how you used andre as a base for the wolf, so good!

  2. i'm so big and bad thank you gyimah i love the design of the red riding hood

  3. ahhahhahah the wolf!!!!!!
    gyimah these r sick i can see a very strong art direction u intended. and i see ur already getting so much better at digital painting!! keep it up i cant wait to see more :)