Sunday, December 26, 2010

The game has changed...

Felt bad about not posting in forever(having too much fun to draw right now :D)-This is my unfinished entry for the "Marvel Tron" competition held by satellite soda. You were supposed to draw a marvel character in the TRON universe, I picked Jubilee from the X-men-Watched the movie today(sick soundtrack by Daft Punk) and thought it'd be an appropriate post.Critiques are always welcome.Enjoy


  1. i was itchin for another post from you!!lol ur styles so simple and stylish 8D hope you're having an awesome time back home.merry christmas! :)

  2. i just realized i said "style is stylish"... u know what i mean =.=;;;

  3. cool blog man. i really like the guy in your banner, feeling the Carmine J six's.

    I also like the misfits you did. love that show

  4. Haha any Misfits fan is a friend of mine!
    Thanks for the kind words guys Merry Christmas/Happy new Year to you both more posts coming soon :)