Friday, February 4, 2011


A sketch of my friend Jake, didn't really get his likeness though :/
Cudi and Batman
If you've been hanging out with me recently you'll know that my love for Batman has recently re-ignited :D
Rihanna from her new S&M video
My friend Ben and his original character Jo

An underage Ghanaian taxi driver lol

These are all sketches I did this week. I was looking at the list of phobias and remembered when I was younger and never wanted to add color to my drawings cuz I thought they'd ruin em'(Chromophobia), then my big sister told me to stop being a pussy haha. Thanks! Apparently there's a fear that somewhere a duck is watching you-Anatidaephobia XD (sorry if you're reading this and have that fear)Anyway.Critiques are welcome . Enjoy!


  1. fantastic sketchs! the one of Ben is spot on haha..also, LOVE the batman and Ivy drawings, can we do a batman collab sometimes?

  2. that wiz is on point. im actually watchin a wiz video as i write this haha, nice sketches mang

  3. AwesomeFantasticKickAss Sketchbook Pages!

  4. Thanks Y'all!
    Chenny-Fuck Yeah,just say when!
    Fred-Thanks nikkuh-nice tumblr
    Kristen-Shucks u make me blush :)

  5. not to be nosey, but ummm can I get in on that collab? haha
    gorgeous stuff, gyimah! I love the ivy doodles along with the one of ben - great likeness.

  6. For sure homie! Whenever -I'll open your eyes to the genius behind Batman characters!

  7. Love the Poison Ivy & Rihanna stuff! Awesome watercolours

  8. Kick ass drawings, Gyimah.
    Love the Poison Ivy page and of course the drawing of me.
    And, Batman collab? I want in...*cough*Catwoman*cough*

  9. Thanks again guys! :D
    Ahaha Ben, Anytime

  10. great stuff man love the cabdriver

  11. this actually reminded me how much I loved fighting with tro-tro mates and taxi drivers...lool it is really nice..!