Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Final Boss

Ancient Japan-Shot test from Gyimah on Vimeo.

My friend and talented classmate Natan (http://natanmouradeaquino.blogspot.com/) collaborated on a layout project together. It's a shot test -using the research we've been doing on a specific time period . In earlier posts I put up some character designs and prop design. It's also the end of the year and It feels like when you play Zelda and you get to the final boss -you finally get to use all of the weapons you gathered throughout the game together and beat the shit out of Ganondorf. We finally got to use the stuff we've been hearing about all year. The song in the video is Woodkid's "Iron" the actual video is ridiculously EPIC look it up it's dope. Enjoy.


  1. Nice job, Gyimah. Looks great!

  2. Haha, awesome addition to our original test. I reposted this version with the titles and music onto my blog, even more final boss-esque!!!