Friday, August 5, 2011

"I am not a black artist, I am an artist."-Basquiat

These are dedicated to a great website that I was lucky enough to be interviewed by and for Lesean Thomas an amzing Artist and animator that was kind enough to plug my blog on his facebook fan page. Not going to be posting as many solo characters anymore-As I said in the previous post it's time to practice everything else .With that said thanks again and stay tuned :).


  1. Fuckin sick dude. I love it. And congrats on that shout-out man. Lesean Thomas is huge! You deserve it for sure. Also, what have you been up to this summer? We should get a gang together and have some drinks/ draw/ puke all over our drawings. I need to let loose once I bust out of this internship haahaha.

  2. Thanks, dude! Yeah Lesean is definitely one of my heroes that was pretty crazy.Yeah,man hit me up on my facebook wall whenever I'm in the city all summer.Also loving your recent posts if I havent said so yet!