Monday, November 28, 2011

G Under Pressure

Getting to the end of the year ,reaching certain checkpoints in projects such as this one, and not so much in others -__- oh well. Trying to keep busy , here's some more work from the group film I talked about a couple of posts ago, A lot has changed(naturally).The first 3 images were done tonight , expect more stuff soon ,there's a lot of it. Took me like 20 minutes to post these cuz blogger was being dumb. Also something I noticed while doing the top post -it's weird getting halfway through a drawing of a character and realizing which one of your friends it is! It's been happening a lot lately the last 4 things I doodled in my sketchbook looked just like friends ,what can i say they make for dope characters. Enjoy.


  1. GAHH so awesome!! i say go with the edgier design of steve cuz it reenforces the whole sharp razor motif, plus the other characters are roundish

  2. great stuff dude, the expressions are phenomenal