Sunday, February 26, 2012


This was done for a number of reasons...1-Because I made an awful pun about Sherlock being a "Boxer" in his school days. 2-Because I wanted to draw dogs and anthro-characters (two birds one stone and I love BLACKSAD!) and 3-Because for the life of me everything I was supposed to be doing today looked like doodoo. So yeah...Also, Shoutout to my buddy Reiss it was his birthday an hour ago(26th).Enjoy


  1. Siiiick! Is that Moriarty? He's amazing.

  2. These are such awesome designs! So full of energy and appealing shapes. Sherlock always seemed like a pointy faced dog breed to me, but with the pun and your take on it, I'd buy the boxer idea :D

  3. Thanks dudes-And yeah that's Moriarty