Friday, June 4, 2010

Church Clothes

Was just thinking about when I was back in Ghana and every sunday I'd see kids dressed just like this in ridiculous heat going to church. Most of em' looked miserable , but at least they looked good.watercolors col-erase and pen again.Tell me what you think , how u'd make it bettr ,thnks . Enjoy.


  1. I really like the softness of the col-erase and how it suggests whats there, paired with the sharp dark outlines! its a neat contrast! I also think its just dorable :D
    awesome colours too

  2. Thanks Seemz.couldn't decide whether to outline it all but I liked the blue on the shirts-glad u like it.

  3. lol..aww man the nostalgia. yep, thats Ghana. i definetly recall sporting those suspenders..not by choice of course. I stumbled on ur blog via Freddy, neat designs...watercolor play.

  4. Ahaha, we all sported em' man.Yeah i love Freddy's designs. Been a bit stuck on watercolors,glad u like it Thanks homes.Hope your summer is going well.