Monday, June 14, 2010

The prettiest people do the ugliest things

Weather was ayt today...I walked down to Queen ,listened to Kanye's "College Dropout" (hence the title of this post) and Lupe's "The Cool" all day.Critiques are always welcome .

Cute little old Asian lady waiting for the light.
using a pencil for the first time in while its been col-erase and brush pens lately ,man I love the feel of pencil on paper :)-Sketch of people/Hipsters who shop at Urban Outfitters.The guy whispering wasn't there, he's actually like 2 people I combined in MY BRAIN! O_o lol
Did quite a bit of sketching today.This is the guy who stole my usual seat at Lettieries...I thought he looked like he was playing piano even tho he was on his Mac. I waited forever for him to leave, fun to draw though.

Jockin' Mr.Sanders style a bit for this one I did while eatin' my luunnch :)-My friend Bilal loves Chris Sanders and I've just been informed that he and Leanne have been checking up on my blog alot, did this to show my appreciation thanks guys stay tuned .Enjoy.

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