Friday, August 27, 2010


I had a long day chillin' with my bro...I had a headache...Was right about to fall asleep when he calls me to tell me that Kanye, Jay-z,Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj were on a track , granted I had my reservations about Nicki's verse but the fact that I got out of bed , and did this shows u how HYPE i was lol. "Pink wig, Thick ass give em' whip lash!" lol Nicki Minaj is hot .Enjoy the song


  1. Dude, how have I not seen this blog. Your character paintings are pretty freakin amazing, are you using gouache?

  2. Thanks dude! uhmm no often times I use watercolor and col-erase/ink :)

  3. thats my favourite part of the song too... shes insane lol.