Saturday, August 7, 2010


Before I blab I need to thank my big sister Lettie and Boyfriend Adam for showing me the amazing song that lead to these paintings(Summertime-Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong) and pushing for me to do it =). Its The two artists playing for a small audience in the back i put in my sister and her boyfriend and the shadow on the curtain is George Gershwins silhouette -the composer of the song who never got to hear their version .
Been really into drawing "jazzy" people and artists lately, the last one is from a photograph I saw on the sartorialist a while back .Critiques are welcome .Enjoy.


  1. whoa the first time i heard the song aages ago this is exacly how i 'pictured' the song in my mind.. if u get what i mean. too classy chale

  2. Thanks Seemz i read about ur computer soz :-S
    -WEEZ!!! that song just dey be! its my new auto-relax song. Thanks dude ,tried my best to do justice to the song =D

  3. Oh man, this is so awesome! I would love to see you do more jazz artists! Just seems to work so well for your style. I vote you try a Miles Davis one! :)

  4. yeah boy these are great i like the first one a lot. i like the characters, the silhouette of the guy in the background and choice of colours. your stuffs improving for sure, especially your use of colour but the designs too, theyre more solid. i think its good youre going for a more limited colour palette. though i feel like some parts of the painting (the first one) get kind of lost, especially on the right side where the audience is, so i suppose simplifying those shapes and details would make it read better. perhaps the people in the background could be less saturated, so they dont pop out as much as the foreground people. but yeah good shit, ambitious! ..and i hope this helps. keep it up

  5. Thanks Noam! Yeah , I felt it was a bit lacking on the right side, hopefully getting a cintiq soon so ill try simplifying the shapes and playing with the composition on there but I really appreciate the advice dude!

  6. love the colors, the feel of the drawing just throws you back into context.
    Great job! Gonna listen to some B. Holiday right now.