Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hey Mama

Drawing I did of my mum(Neo Lerato Gariba) and I. She keeps guilting me about never finishing any paintings for her lol I always end up hating them half-way through! Anyway this is inspired by old pictures of her and I .Tried to make it look like a dream. I'm slowly trying to get used to using photoshop mostly using pictures along with drawings(the fabrics used on the dress and the blanket are SouthAfrican and Ghanaian :D) .Hopefully I'll start drawing more layouts and actually painting in photoshop. Hope u like it ma! Enjoy.Critiques welcome.


  1. It turned out amazing!! It does feel very dream-like too! I'm sure she'll love it

  2. :D thanks Seemz! Upload more yo!

  3. coooooooooool man, good shit as usual. i find the photos to be kinda distracting especially in full view, like if you lowered their opacity they wouldnt pop as much. and the focus would shift back to the characters, hope that helps son

  4. Thanks mang!
    I'm definately gonna adjust this one I see what you mean , the darkest blacks are all throughout the pictures-good lookin' out :)