Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Radiant Child

Getting more and more into Jean-Michel Basquiats' work after seeing a couple of documentaries. Didn't really get what his art was about before, haven't actually seen the movie "The Radiant Child "yet but I've seen a couple of interviews and I really want to. Critiques are always welcome.Enjoy.


  1. Yo dude, as always, really well painted, the only thing I can see are the hands, they're a little wonky. I'm not sure if it was intentional but I like how the crown repeats the shape of his hair...maybe if they were a little more similar it would show a little more unity between them....either way keep it up man, great stuff.

  2. Thanks dude! Yeah I might have a second pass at this one because I really like the idea , and Yes!! lol I'm glad u picked up on the crown .It was a lot more obvious before but I felt like I wanted a more subtle suggestion and found that the composition lead to that assumption. You're right tho maybe a bit more obvious wouldn't hurt.Thanks for the advice man :)