Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dream on...

In the near future my buddy Alex Booth and I plan to be Gazillionaires. When that happens-we'll commission the greatest video game designers,programers and scientists to created the ULTIMATE-video game that takes place in your dreams ( Inception style!) .
The console will be called the "Dreamweaver" and can only be exited when the game is over >:).
A combination of summer heat,too much adventure time and too many messed up dreams(induced by my poor diet). Enjoy and Happy Fathers day dad!


  1. haha awesome dude. I can totally see the adventure time influence!

    Your art's been insane lately man. Keep it up, and keep inspiring me to do more haha

  2. Thanks homie! Likewise your recent post blew mah mind! I've taken it upon myself to get good at using the pen tool again :)