Saturday, June 4, 2011

Monkey see, Monkey do

I wanted to try a new way of digital painting it was fun I learnt a lot-I'd change a lot but oh well.
This Zee a revisited version of a character I designed and posted last Summer. I'll be posting the full poses, expressions and turn arounds soon.

This is Tang.
I figured for world of monkeys -It'd be weird if they dogs. So I decided to make em' own pigs .For example, Chihuahua=teacup piglet. A Bulldog=Warthog and a Pitbull=Hyena as seen above haha-More designs soooooooon :)
Oh and finally The Macaque Monkeys. I was drawing and overheard my roommate Carlos watching Life-it was episode about monkeys and they were talking about how Japanese Macaque monkeys are hierarchical and only some of them can sit in the warm spring to warm up and the others have to stay out in the cold depending on who they're parents are ...Thought it was interesting-So yeah theses guys are bad news and no. You can't chill in their hot tub...Hopeyou like em' Critiques are appreciated .Enjoy!


  1. Damn, now I'm depressed.
    These are great, I want to see more characters!

  2. I'm your biggest fan - does it count if I'm your sister?

  3. i LOVVVVEEEEEEEEE the Macaque monkeys so hard gyimah. so hard. total japanese mafia with his bitches

    soo badass

  4. That looks so cool! Are you going to make an animated series with your characters ?

  5. this i s awesome man! so how they see it

  6. Thanks guys!
    @Prisca-That'd be awesome but I don't really know what it'd be about haha